Hi, I'm Diego!

A software engineer specialized in games and tools.

I'm a software engineer with a background in mobile development, working with C# in Unity and C++ in other game engines. I also love UI design and in my spare time I'm an avid gamer.

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Work Experiences

  1. Client Software Developer

    Jun. 2022–Current • Rovio Entertainment

    Developer on the Technology team, working on the cross-studio Unity and Native SDKs used in for Ads, IAPs and other shared features.

  2. Software Engineer

    Sep. 2017–Sep. 2021 • STAIN Engineering

    Ported the suite of billing tools from Autocad to Revit. I then lead design and development of new features and tools which are used to bill multi-million projects across Europe.

  3. Software Developer Intern

    Summer 2016 • STAIN Engineering

    A school-sponsored internship. I wrote tools which managed 3D libraries for Autocad and Revit.


  1. Jul. 2021–Jul. 2022 • Hive Helsinki

    After the July 2021 Basecamp, I became a full time student again, studying POSIX C and C++ coding at Hive Helsinki, the Finnish sister school of 42 Paris.

  2. Sep. 2012–Jun. 2017 • I.T.T. M.B. Trento

    Class 1998. I graduated studying C++, C# and Android development as well as relational databases using MySQL and SQLite. I also studied IT Networking thanks to a partnership between the school and Cisco.

Personal Skills

Windows Development

C# • C++ • WPF • MVVM • MSTest

I use C# both professionally and in most of my hobby projects.

Android Development

Kotlin • MVVM • Retrofit • JUnit • Gradle

I create Android apps both as a hobby and for work in Unity.

iOS Development

UIKit • SwiftUI • CoreData • ARKit

I develop iOS apps primarily as a hobby and sometimes for work.

UI and UX Design

Sketch • Fluent • Material • Apple HIG

I care deeply about designing software that looks good and is easy to use.








Design & Windows Dev

Project LiftOff

Company software manager.

Lets users manage all aspects of internal plugins and programs and is used to provision updates.

The UI is written in XAML with WinUI in C# with .NET5 and parts of the backend are written in C++ and ASP.NET Core. It was designed in Sketch.

Design & Windows Dev


Bill of Materials Tools for BIM/CAD.

Suite of tools to bill construction projects directly in-editor within Autodesk Revit, manage Price Lists and automate BoQ/BoM generation and export through parametric configurations.

Most of the tools are written in C#, some in C++ and Python. The UI is done in WPF or WinUI with XAML, C++ tools use Qt QML. All tools rely on Prism for MVVM and dependency injection.

Design & iOS Dev


Second Factor Authenticator.

An iOS app for storing 2FA tokens designed to preserve user privacy. Halted after the native iOS password manager added 2FA support.

Storage used Secure Enclave for secrets and Core Data. SwiftUI 2 is used for the UI. Sync happens with Nearby Framework.

Design & Android Dev


SNS Chat Client.

Mobile chat app for the web chat in Pleroma servers, a decentralized SNS part of the Fediverse. Following a web UI rewrite and API changes it was halted.

Connections uses Websockets through Scarlet, REST APIs through Retrofit. UI uses Material Design and custom XML views. Dagger and RxJava are used for MVVM/DI.

Design & Android Dev

Music #09

Minimalist music player.

An experimental single-screen app, using Material Design sliding sheets to show albums and playlists. This was my final year project.

UI is implemented in XML using Material Design and custom views, album art caching uses SQLite and a rolling cache. OTA updates are handled by a custom library.